Neo Preistoria – 100 verbi (XXI Triennale di Milano)

Progetto e curatela: Andrea Branzi e Kenya Hara
Allestimento: Lapo Lani
Assistenti al progetto: Francesca Bovalino
Anno: 2016
Sede: Triennale di Milano
Foto: Gianluca di Ioia

The as yet relatively unexplored twenty-first century is in a sense a new prehistoric age: a time when the destiny of humanity still had no clear direction, and when objects possessed many meanings from their practical uses to ritual and magical functions.
Artificial thought today marks the beginning of a new anthropology, a new stage in human evolution in which, as in ancient prehistory, we cannot make out our overall destiny but only our individual leaps in the dark.
This loss of direction is still very much a part of the extreme vitality and creativity of human thought and technology, which is to be found both in instruments of death and in the extension of life towards a future still waiting to be explored.

Andrea Branzi 2016

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